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If you want to become an immigrant based on the fact that you have a stable employment opportunity, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor someone for lawful residency based on employment immigration in US, you must go through a multi-step process. Our employment based immigration attorney in Houston, TX is able to advise you on the correct steps and help you through the entire process.

  • Second, most employment categories require that the U.S. employer complete a labor certification request (ETA 9098) for the foreign applicant and submit it to the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The certification request must either granted or denied by DOL.
  • Third, USCIS must approve an immigrant Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, for the person wishing to immigrate to the U.S. However, if a Department of Labor certification is needed the application can only be filed after the certification is granted. The employer acts as the sponsor (or petitioner) for the applicant (or beneficiary) who wants to live and work on a permanent basis in the USA.


employment based immigrant visas

There are four categories for granting permanent residence to foreign nationals based upon employment:

EB-1 Visa

Priority workers


eb-2 exceptional ability for professionals with advanced degrees


Skilled or professional employees


Special Immigrants
  • Employees and former employees of the U.S. Government abroad


employment visa application

If you are an employer wishing to sponsor (or petition) for a foreign national to work in the US on a permanent basis, the filing requirements differ for each of the above five categories. Generally, the EB-2 and the EB-3 categories will require a PERM Form ETA-9089 to be filed and approved by the DOL. Form I-140 will have to be filed with USCIS after the approval.
In general, the EB-1 classification does not require a PERM approval, and the I-140 can be filed directly with USCIS. Detailed information is provided in the instructions for I-140.

For EB-4 certain applicants must file Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant, with the USCIS Service Center. Detailed filing information is provided in the instructions for I-360.


Houston employment immigration attorney

Our employment immigration lawyers in Houston represent clients worldwide. We offer consultations with a Board-Certified employment or business immigration attorney in Houston, either by telephone, by Zoom, or at our Houston law office. To schedule an appointment to talk with our immigration attorney Houston, TX, call (713) 527-9606 or contact us online.

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