Grace Remodeling

My experience with this office was truly great. They did an I-601A and it was approved and then my appointment was scheduled in El Salvador. When I did my medical exam is when I had an issue. The results came back with a problem in my liver (greasy liver) and the doctors were concerned that it was alcohol abuse related. After a medical regime to treat the liver problem I was able to obtain my medical exam and received another appointment in El Salvador. The whole time I was in El Salvador. I was always I informed, it was easy to talk to the office. They were very attentive and professional. The whole staff is very knowledgeable. I made the right choice in choosing this office. I had a terrible experience with another attorney. Anyone looking for an experienced, attentive law office this is the right office with you. Thank you Mr. Vega and your office.

Eduardo M

Estoy muy contento con la oficina de Adan Vega hoy recibimos nuestros permisos atraves de la visa U. Es un proceso largo pero en todo tiempo estuvimos informados por todos en la oficina. Muy recomendado el abogado Vega si buscan a alguien confiable.

Golam Azam

I was so anxious about my L-1A extension but finally got the approval without an RFE. I would take this opportunity to thank Ms. Rhoda and her team for their time and professional support during the L-1A extension process, and for helping me to get the desired result. I would also like to express my profound appreciation to Mr. Vega and Ms. Zuly for their support. I am highly pleased with their expert guidance during my L-1A extension and will continue seeking their support for my future immigration needs. I would recommend Mr. Adan G. Vega to anyone!

Raul Gallardo

I have visited this law firm many many years ago they pretty much seen me grow up, they got our case accomplished not only me but my mom as well. Staff was amazing and helpful through the whole process and i will always be grateful for the final outcome, Now just time to wait to become a citizen.

Tro Y

Excellent Service!

My Permanent Residence status has been approved finally after a little over a year of waiting. Adan G. Vega & Associates were instrumental in obtaining my green card realizing that the ups and downs of the immigration process were totally worth it when you hire high caliber attorneys to represent you.

The team stood by me and my partner upon receiving requests for evidence, interview, feedback and follow through. It’s been quite a journey but we took refuge in knowing that we have an amazing team behind us always ready to answer all questions, transparent of the situation and ultimately reassured us of the steps to be taken. Special mention to one of their superstar paralegals, Paloma Reyna, who tirelessly looked into our case and guided us every step of the way; Atty. Mitru who explained immigration process and accompanied us during the interview; and the whole team who in one way or the other helped us get through this.

If you are seeking for immigration services, I highly recommend the Law Office of Adan G Vega & Associates. You will get the outstanding service you paid for. Thank you for the excellent service!

* Arrived in the US on B1/B2 visa; same-sex marriage, Asians