My experience with this office was truly great. They did an I-601A and it was approved and then my appointment was scheduled in El Salvador. When I did my medical exam is when I had an issue. The results came back with a problem in my liver (greasy liver) and the doctors were concerned that it was alcohol abuse related. After a medical regime to treat the liver problem I was able to obtain my medical exam and received another appointment in El Salvador. The whole time I was in El Salvador. I was always I informed, it was easy to talk to the office. They were very attentive and professional. The whole staff is very knowledgeable. I made the right choice in choosing this office. I had a terrible experience with another attorney. Anyone looking for an experienced, attentive law office this is the right office with you. Thank you Mr. Vega and your office.

Grace Remodeling

Estoy muy contento con la oficina de Adan Vega hoy recibimos nuestros permisos atraves de la visa U. Es un proceso largo pero en todo tiempo estuvimos informados por todos en la oficina. Muy recomendado el abogado Vega si buscan a alguien confiable.

Eduardo M

I was so anxious about my L-1A extension but finally got the approval without an RFE. I would take this opportunity to thank Ms. Rhoda and her team for their time and professional support during the L-1A extension process, and for helping me to get the desired result. I would also like to express my profound appreciation to Mr. Vega and Ms. Zuly for their support. I am highly pleased with their expert guidance during my L-1A extension and will continue seeking their support for my future immigration needs. I would recommend Mr. Adan G. Vega to anyone!

Golam Azam

I have visited this law firm many many years ago they pretty much seen me grow up, they got our case accomplished not only me but my mom as well. Staff was amazing and helpful through the whole process and i will always be grateful for the final outcome, Now just time to wait to become a citizen.

Raul Gallardo

Excellent Service!

My Permanent Residence status has been approved finally after a little over a year of waiting. Adan G. Vega & Associates were instrumental in obtaining my green card realizing that the ups and downs of the immigration process were totally worth it when you hire high caliber attorneys to represent you.

The team stood by me and my partner upon receiving requests for evidence, interview, feedback and follow through. It’s been quite a journey but we took refuge in knowing that we have an amazing team behind us always ready to answer all questions, transparent of the situation and ultimately reassured us of the steps to be taken. Special mention to one of their superstar paralegals, Paloma Reyna, who tirelessly looked into our case and guided us every step of the way; Atty. Mitru who explained immigration process and accompanied us during the interview; and the whole team who in one way or the other helped us get through this.

If you are seeking for immigration services, I highly recommend the Law Office of Adan G Vega & Associates. You will get the outstanding service you paid for. Thank you for the excellent service!

* Arrived in the US on B1/B2 visa; same-sex marriage, Asians

Tro Y

I want to thank the entire Adan G. Vega & Associates team for following through with my adjustment of status application. From initial consultation to receiving my permanent resident card, the entire team was very attentive. I want to give speacial thanks to Paloma, Susy, and Attorney Fadel. They were always ready to answer my questions and contacted me only when necessary. Attorney Fadel was amazing on the day of my immigration interview and shed light as to what the entire process consisted of. It was a pleasure working with this awesome team. Thank you all.

Mrs. Davila

Gracias al señor Adan Vega y associates agarre mi green card. No tardo mucho el processo y si tenia pregunta ellos luego luego me respondian. Muchas gracias fue un sueño hecho realidad.

Maricela Cuevas

Working with Adan Vega Team was awesome! All of them are Excellent in their job! 100% satisfied! They are very polite, they answer all of your questions, and they explain everything to you! 0 complaints, my process was excellent, no hip-cups, everything smooth! thanks Mr. Vega, Eunice, Fadel, Susie!! <3

Laura D. Johnson

Estoy muy satisfecha con el servicio de la oficina del Licenciado Adán Vega y el excelente trato y consideración de su equipo de profesionales legales. En cada paso del proceso de mi solicitud de residencia permanente (Green Card), conté con excelente consejo legal, prontitud y diligencia por parte del Sr. Vega y su personal legal. Muy especialmente quiero agradecer a sus asistentes, por responder a mis preguntas y llamadas con profesionalismo, eficiencia y atención. Todos en este despacho se aseguraron de que mi proceso se llevara a cabo sin inconvenientes. Es un gusto para mi, recomendar al despacho del Sr. Vega para la tramitación de residencia permanente y otros asuntos legales relacionados con inmigración.


Despues de 23 años en Estados Unidos por fin soy residente permanente gracias al abogado Vega y su equipo. Estoy miy agradecida porque el abogado es muy claro honesto y explica todo el.proceso en una manera muy simple. Todo el proceso aunque tomo tiempo fue suave. Llamenlo y no sd arrepentirán.

Mary Lorenzo

Grateful client!

I am extremely satisfied and grateful with the Law Offices of Adan G. Vega & Associates, PLLC for all that has been done for me.
I have had the rare opportunity to work with amazing people at that law office and I have first-hand knowledge of the professional care and hard work that goes into the cases that are processed on behalf of the clients. I am proud to say that I am one of them.

I have always managed to remain in lawful status in the U.S. but hadn’t been able to become a lawful permanent resident. I currently have a pending family petition (Form I-130) but I have had to wait for my priority date which will take several years. Thanks to attorney Vega I don’t have to wait anymore.

A labor certification was approved on my behalf by the Department of Labor and a FORM I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, has been filed with USCIS. I will now file for my adjustment of status. I am very close to accomplishing my dream of becoming a legal permanent resident.

Eunice Benitez

Muy profecionales me siento muy agradecida gracias a ellos ya tengo mi recidencia

Maria Villamil

I would highly recommend The Law Offices of Adan G Vega & Associates. We met three attorneys. But none of them even able to understand our case. Finally we Met a lawyer we could trust. Mr. Vega explained to us step by step. Mr Vega team are all hard working and everyone especially Associate Attorny Mr Fadel Ms Susy are involved in our case and so helpful throughout the whole process. Thank you all. Again I would highly recommend Law office of Mr Vega and Associates.

Kamal Khan

Profesionalizmo, excelente trato y muy buen servicio, por parte del Abogado Adan Vega y sus representantes.

Maria Cardona

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Adan G Vega & Associates. We went to two lawyers and none of them helped us; they just took our money. A friend of ours highly recommended Mr. Adan Vega and his law firm. Finally we found a lawyer we could trust. Mr. Vega explained to us step by step how the process was going to be and everything happened just the way he said. Me and my husband are truly grateful to Mr. Vega and Mrs. Paloma Reyna’s hardwork and everyone involved our case. My husband now has his residency! Thank you so very much!!

Sholanda Ruiz

„My wife and I had an excellent experience with Mr. Vega. Definitely was worth every penny.” I just cannot find words to express my family profound gratitude to Mr. Vega and his entire staff. My family and I want to especially thank, Ms. Paloma Reyna for always been there to answer any questions or concerns with the case in a timely manner. Overall the service my family receive was outstanding. Thank you…

Ramon Tovar

Great service experience! Mr. Vega is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain in detail of whatever the immigration case is. He demonstrates that he cares and is not only after the money like other immigration attorneys. I am not a big fan of going by star ratings, but in this case I wanted to share that if you are in need of a good immigration attorney in Houston, TX he would be it!

Gissel Sanchez

El abogado Vega junto con todo su equipo son excelentes personas, además de ser sumamente profesionales.

Nuestra experiencia fue simplemente perfecta. Gracias al trabajo del abogado Vega y Fadel ya obtuvimos mi esposo y yo la residencia de este país, fue un proceso arduo, pero gracias a su ayuda, conocimientos y profesionalismo logramos que se cumpliera este sueño.

Recomendamos ampliamente al abogado Vega, él siempre será honesto respecto a tu caso y te dará las mejores opciones, es una persona a la cual le gusta ayudar y dirigirse con honorabilidad en todo momento.

Felisa Bailon de la O

The entire firm is AWESOME! Mr. Vega reviewed my husbands case very carefully and explained the entire process. He and his staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and very patient. My husbands case required an I- 601 waiver which are very hard get approved. We were given clear and accurate information as to what to expect. The waiver was approved and my husband is now here in the US with me. We are very grateful to the Adan Vega Law Firm for their outstanding professionalism and hard work.

C Solis

I want to thank Mr. Aden Vega and everyone that has worked so hard on my case, it was because of this that my case was approved. They fought for me and helped me get my green card. Mr. Aden vega and associates did an incredible job for me and I know they can do the same for you. I recommend them. My wife and I are very grateful for everything they have done.

Franklin Canelas

Adam is a professional lawyer with a lot of attention to details. He was able to respond quickly and support me through all of my questions. I highly recommend you to work with him.


C Ss

I am very happy with the services this office provides. I hired Mr. Vega in 2016 to begin the process. Since the beginning he mapped out my case and we followed his advice. Every step given was accurate. Its long a process but with patience its possible. We are pleased with the communication, easy access to paralegals. I definitely would recommend Mr. Vega for any immigration case. I am a permanent reside now and I’m thankful.

Yazmin Perez

Very professional. Very friendly. We had a complicated case and Mr. Vega and his associates did all they could and after everything finished, my wife received her residency. I would recommend them to anyone who needs guidance and assistance with their immigration needs. Thank you so much guys. We are on top of the world thanks to you!!!

Levi Conkling

Recomiendo ampliamente al Lic. Adan Vega aparte que recibi un servicio muy profesional mi caso era tan dificil que pense que nunca obtendria la residencia ya que yo estaba casado en Mexico y despues me case en USA por lo que el lic. hizo un plan y consegui una acta de anulacion de matrimonio en Mexico. Tambien quiero aclarar que este tramite ya lo habia intentado con otros licenciados en asuntos de migracion sin ningun exito. Eternamente agradecido yo y mi familia.

Raul Martinez

Has rendered successful immigration legal services to my family. Through him, My wife and I got our permanent immigration status and citizenship in The US. I highly recommend The law offices of Adan G. Vega for all immigration needs. Be assured that when Attorny Adan G. Vega accepts your immigration case, you’ll certainly succeed!

Leonard Okenwa

Muy contenta con los servicios del abogado Vega. El ha sido el abogado de mi familia por más de 20 años y todo nos ha salido muy bien. El abogado es sumamente servicial y todo su grupo son muy amables. Gracias abogado Vega por su oficina que asiste a nuestra comunidad.

Marcelina Hernandez

I want to share my story so everyone can know that anything is possible. My journey started in 2014 when I was forced to take voluntary departure. My family hired Mr. Vega after I had left. They filed the petition then I had to wait for the appointment in Juarez. The appointment was delayed because while I was in the US I was charged with a manslaughter case. That incident was dismissed but the consulate wanted the records. After the appointment I was instructed to file a waiver and Mr. Vega and his staff prepared everything with the help of my family. It was finally approved and I had to appear to another interview which it was finally approved. It has been a long journey but I can honestly say that I had my attorney and his whole staff by my side from their phone calls to emails. They were always positive but always gave us the most honest advice. I highly highly encourage everyone to contact Mr. Vega and his staff. Special mention to his paralegal Paloma Reyna without her support it would not be possible.

M luna

Mr. Adan Vega and his law office helped me in my immigration process. He has more than 40 years of experience and was recommended to us. Mr. Vega and his team treated me professionally. He explained all the steps, the requirements, answered all the questions, gave his advice, and his team helped file my green card application. When the green card interview was scheduled, one of his associates, Mr. Fadel Ibrahim, helped prepare me and my husband for the interview, and attended the interview with us. He gave us all his attention and made sure all our concerns were addressed. The immigration officer who conducted the interview knew that the cases coming from Mr. Vega’s law office were well prepared and the interview went very well. The entire process was smooth with no surprises and resulted with a successful outcome.

Yanira Ristanovic

I’ve been working with Adam Vega office since 2016 when I applied for my first working visa.
I am very satisfied of their overall work.
However I would like to mention that Fadel Ibrahim who has been taking care of me since the beginning of 2019 is doing an outstanding job.
He can tell how much I can get worried easily and go with thousands questions a minute. I can’t count how many times I emailed or called him!
Anyhow Fadel always replies in a meticulous manner to every single question I may have. I can’t thank him enough to get back to me as soon as he can.
I highly recommend him to deal with your immigration matter.
Thanks a lot!

Bastien LG-L

My Adam Vega and his team are amazing. From the first visit Mr. Vega maped out a plan and was very honest and straight forward to us about my moms case I loved that. They always responded to my emails and phone calls and treated me like family. You can tell that they really care about their clients. I will always be grateful for all their hard work they did to make my mom a legal resident and will continue to recommend them to people who are in need of a true immigration lawyer that knows his stuff.

Jennifer Bolanos
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