USCIS Seeks Bailout

The immigration agency, USCIS, is broke and has requested an emergency $ 1.2 billion infusion from Congress.

The agency is funded almost entirely by user fees, rather than congressional appropriations but mismanagement of finances is forcing USCIS to seek a bailout with taxpayers money. The lack of funds will force USCIS to furlough three-quarters of its workforce.

When Trump took office, USCIS inherited a budget surplus. Last year, the agency saw record highs in both revenue and revenue per user.

The agency has wasted funds the past three years on chasing phantom cases of immigration fraud, expanding a fraud detection unit to attempt to denaturalize citizens, and demanding unnecessary documentation  (Requests for Evidence) from immigrants which creates wasteful busy work for USCIS employees and a drain on resources.

USCIS claims the budget deficit on the COVID-19.