Immigration Court Backlog Increases Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

The current active court case backlog as of the end of August 2020 has grown to 1,246,164—up 11 percent from the beginning of March when the backlog was 1,122,824. Monthly case completions before the March shutdown were running over 40,000. In August just 6,113 cases were completed. Roughly half (52%) of these were ordered deported or given a voluntary departure order. In January 2020, this rate was 75 percent.

There were only 1,424 asylum decisions rendered during August 2020. Of the total asylum decisions issued in August 2020, 507 were successful and the judge granted their asylum request while 11 more received other forms of relief which allowed them to remain in this country.

There were only 2,425 bond hearings in August and bond was granted in only 622 of these. The average bond set for these individuals was $7,500.

Detainees with pending court cases now number 29,656.

Source: TRAC, Sept. 18, 2020